Frequently Asked Questions

Evil Genius Escape Rooms is an interactive, real-life adventure. You and your team become characters in our story and must solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and use teamwork to thwart the Evil Genius. Our experience is episodic, meaning the storyline connects throughout all of our rooms. Each room has a different and unique theme.

Anyone interested in doing something new! This is great change of pace from going to the movies or watching Netflix. Great for birthdays, coworkers, date night, or just a group of friends wanting to share an awesome experience.

Our group size ranges from 2-6 players. All of our rooms are private, meaning you will never be booked with strangers.

Our prices vary depending on how many people are in your group. The minimum cost is $99 dollars for up to 3 players. Each additional player is $33.

Our rooms are broken up by chapter and follow an over-arching storyline. Though we highly recommend that you do play in order (for the most immersive and enjoyable experience) , the rooms are designed to be played in any order you would like.

Furthermore, we offer a seamless back-to-back two-hour experience for our Chapter One and Chapter Two rooms. This means you have two hours to complete both rooms in a row. For example, if you take 40 minutes to get out of Chapter One, you will have 1 hour and 20 minutes in Chapter Two. There is NO BREAK in between so we only recommend this for our ambitious teams.

All reservations are made online through our website. We accept PayPal and credit card.

If you want to book the back-to-back experience, you book a time slot for Chapter One (i.e. 5:30-6:30) and then book the Chapter Two experience directly after (i.e. 6:30-7:30). This lets us know that you want to do the two-hour experience.

Each room is 60 minutes, but the overall experience will take about an hour and a half.

We highly recommend that you show up 10-15 minutes early. If you show up past your start time, we will have to subtract time from your room. NOTE: Other groups may be in the rooms when you arrive. Please be considerate of their experiences.

There is street parking directly in front of our building. There is also ample parking on the streets surrounding our business.

Yes and no. In some of our scenarios you are locked in a room, but there will be a big exit button you can hit to open the door and stop the adventure at anytime.

While there will be moments of intensity, we would not necessarily define this as scary. No one will be popping out at you. There are some graphic themes that may be unacceptable for younger audiences.

Our age limit is 15 and older. Participants from ages 15-17 must have a liability waiver signed by a parent/guardian. **WARNING** There is some graphic content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

You can’t be. We will refuse service to anyone who shows up intoxicated and you will not be refunded.

Of course you can add more people to your room (6 people maximum per room). If you want to add someone, just bring them with you and we will take care of the payment in person.

We have a No Cancellation/No Refund policy. You will be charged whether you show up for your time slot or not. Please be aware of this before making your reservation.

Yes. If this is something you are interested in, send us an email or give us a call.